Gnarls Barkley Covers The Doors

Just when you think Gnarls might be out of tricks, they prove everyone wrong. At two recent sold-out shows at the Avalon, the duo peformed the Doors’ b-side “Who Scared You.” Cee-Lo said he and Danger are big fans of the band.

I’m still trying to track down a bootleg. In the meantime…

The Doors – “Who Scared You” (MP3)

As for the costumes, Monday was Grease night. AOL Music was there.

Coming out on stage to the strains of the theme song from the ’70s classic, Cee-Lo introduced himself as ‘Fon Travolta.’ He then asked, “Any Gnarls Barkley fans here tonight?” When the crowd shouted in response, he replied, “They couldn’t make it tonight. This is the G-Birds.”