Jason Schwartzman’s Career

I wasn’t planning on paying any attention to Phantom Planet this year. However, the other day I passed Virgin on my way home from work and the crowd watching the PP’s in-store was spilling out onto the street. Now the band’s got a new video that is very amusing. Such a great hook. An ‘earworm’ as Best Week Ever would say.

An interesting side-note via AMG: “Planet’s production is particularly striking, and strange: its cheap, compressed sound seems like it should be the work of someone like Strokes producer Gordon Raphael, but it’s actually sonic mastermind Dave Fridmann behind the knobs. Why the band used one of rock’s most intricate producers to emulate one of its most basic is something of a mystery, but it must be said that Fridmann brings as much care to making Phantom Planet sound like they recorded this in the garage as he does to making other bands sound like they recorded their music on other planets.”

Here’s some PP wallpaper for your computer:

1024×768 | 800×600

1024×768 | 800×600

And one for the ladies.

And here (via Laura ModernAge) is the Phantom Planet Blog.

Of course Jason Schwartzman, another Coppola (although one without an Oscar nod or beverage) left the band last summer … TO STAR IN A FOX SITCOM. He plays a psych grad student who takes up residence in the guest house of a wealthy Beverly Hills family. He soon discovers that the entire family is in need of therapy. Schwartzman replaces Nicholas D’Agosto who was in the pilot.

Via TVTome.com: Cracking Up is written by Mike White, the award-winning writer and star of The Good Girl and Chuck & Buck. The series is directed by Paul and Chris Weitz of About a Boy and American Pie fame. Jack Black makes a guest appearance 3/16, playing a hard-nosed substance abuse counselor hired by Lesley (Molly Shannon) and Ted (Chris McDonald) to scare their kids out of trying drugs.

The premiere (3/9) follows the American Idolwild card” episode. Let’s hope it’s less mind-numbing than the FOX Celebrity Spelling Bee.

From yesterday’s episode: Gena Lee Nolin: T – U – R – C – O – Q – U – E

Guess what word she was trying to spell!