Reading Rainbow – “I’ll Follow You” Video

Apparently new video for a song that’s clocked thousands of MySpace listens — a worthy feat in itself for a stripped down girl/boy guitar/drum duo from Philly with no label affiliation. (Their last 7″ came via Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls and Brandon from Crocodiles’ ZOO Music, and we’ve heard a bit of what’s in store for the recently completed, forthcoming full-length — i.e. goodness is in store, so step up and sign them, labels). Whether you’re spending SXSW week downing free Tecate in lines for showcases or behind a laptop waiting out the music biz navel gazing, SXSW’s arrival means the season’s changing, winter’s rust is being shaken off, hearts are thawing clumsily, Wall-E-sque dudes are getting nostalgic and remembering what it’s like to feel. Just like you. The fuzzed promises and lovelorn incantations of “I’ll Follow You” are a bittersweet prop for a spring awakening, and this video is on point: Remember what it was like to be carefree and in love? To swing on a swing? When your tin heart actually worked? At the end it’s back to the shadows and the cobwebs, but taking stock before springing ahead is a necessary part, even if it’s the hardest.

UPDATE: Turns out this video isn’t official, but it should be.

(via MBV)

The first hit from their debut full-length:

Reading Rainbow – “Underground”

Reading Rainbow will be down in Austin for some SXSW shows, and their new 12-track LP is out at some point this year.