Lil’ Rappers Feel The Illinoise

Remember Sufjan Vs Kanye? (The mash-up, not the boxing match…)

Two Faced John McCartney – “Zombies Walk!!” (MP3)

Well, this is a hell of a lot … cuter.

I just discovered Rappers Delight Club via Pitchfork, but Sneak A Move wrote about ‘em in May and it’s been on a bunch of blogs since then. I can’t believe none of you e-mailed this to me! Tip your bloggers, people. Tips at stereogum dot com!

Rappers Delight Club is a rotating group of elementary school students. Their hip-hop girl talk anthem uses the same funky sample (from “There are Zombies!!”) as the Kanye boot.

Rappers Delight Club – “First Ladies Anthem” (MP3)

“All you cuckoo boys are dumb!” Delightful. Hear more at MySpace.

How’d these girls learn to keep it so real? They’re from Maryland.