New Chris Cornell Video – “Ground Zero”

As you should be able to tell the moment you start watching this “video” for Chris Cornell’s “Ground Zero,” it’s a commercial for something else. The “something else” in this equation is the ABC show Life On Mars (no, not Christmas On Mars). One thing that’s also clear: We weren’t being too harsh when we commented a few times on the shittiness of Cornell’s new (Feat. Timbaland) album, Scream.

The video obviously stars Chris Cornell (and Jason O’Mara) walking around NYC, 1973. The show Life On Mars stars Harvey Keitel and O’Mara walking around NYC, 1973. The concept: O’Mara, who plays a homicide detective, is transported from 2008 to that very different New York City, which is why we see him staring at the World Trade Center in disbelief. (In a video for a song called “Ground Zero,” remember.) The show was originally a BBC series that didn’t star Harvey Keitel and Jason O’Mara or have a lame Chris Cornell song attached to it. Good job, UK.