Mel Gibson Is Fucking Crazy

I’m sure you read about Mel Gibson’s career suicide over the weekend. Who knew Mad Max was so nuts? Trey Parker and Matt Stone did! (YouTube.)

I’m not supposed to blog about people that don’t relate to music, but did you know Mel executive produced that recent Leonard Cohen doc (duh, he did star in Bird On A Wire)? He also sang in some of his movies: Chicken Run, Passion Of The Christ (really), and most notably, Pocohontas. His “If I Never Knew You” didn’t sit well with Disney test audiences and was left on the cutting room floor. (Jon Secada and Shanice performed it instead.). But Gibson’s version can be heard on last year’s tenth-anniversary DVD:

And if you hated that, you’ll love his drunken performance at a Cubs game in June of 2000.

Mel Gibson – “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (MP3)