More Jeff Mangum Holiday Tour Live Vids!

There’s been plenty of dark video documentation of Jeff Mangum’s recent Holiday Surprise Tour surprise appearances, but now that these performances are no longer a surprise, it appears people are showing up with better cameras. For instance, we now have the brightest Jeff Mangum footage yet. The first clip was shot in Pontiac, Michigan on 10/20. It’s Jeff and the gang doing a rendition of Circulatory System’s “Forever,” as is their want.

This clip from Rochester, New York’s Bug Jar performance on 10/17 isn’t as bright, but it’s still plenty good to see what’s happening, namely a raucous performance of Olivia Tremor Control’s “Opera House.”

And here’s “Forever” (Chicago, 10/21 Version):

“Engine” from the same show:

Then there’s this clip titled “Jeff Being Silly,” thought it’s actually Jeff dancing and having a blast on “The Opera.”

Since the quality is getting better, can’t wait for the HD clips from E6’s last two tour stops in Bloomington (last night) and Lexington (tonight).