New Ween – “Israel”

That Mel Gibson thread took a turn for the religious, which can be expected when you give a bunch of anonymous, opinionated people a series of tubes.

So I’m gonna take this opportunity to give a shoutout to “Shinola” Vol. 1, the first official Ween b-sides CD, originally released on Chocodog about a year ago.

Shinola finally gets US distribution on 9/19. The album’s more cohesive and enjoyable than one would expect of an extra-brown rarities collection from Gene and Dean. It’s no Quebec, but maybe we’ll hear some of these odds ‘n ends live in Grant Park this weekend, so all aboard the Poopship Destroyer.

Here’s a track we’re dedicating to Mr. Gibson. It sounds like it might be a bootleg from Dean’s Bar Mitzvah!

Ween – “Israel” (MP3)

Whoever makes the most cogent argument in the Israel-Hezbollah debate gets a free copy of “Shinola” Vol. 1. Use your real e-mail address in the comments if you want to win, so I can contact you for your snail mail.