Beatles With Wings

NY Times checks in with the mod arthropods who ruled Saturday morning TV in 1970.

More than 35 years later John Philpott still remembers the telegram that changed his life. In the spring of 1970 Mr. Philpott, then an aspiring rock musician living in Kent, England, noticed an advertisement in a local newspaper seeking young performers to join a new band. Having replied to the ad with a recent vacation photograph, he received an urgent cable on the eve of his 21st birthday, inviting him to attend the group?s auditions in London. And after enduring a lengthy tryout process and the skepticism of his friends, he was given more exciting news: He would be traveling to America, to play a singing insect on a children?s television show.

During their short brush with fame, the Bugaloos recorded an album, toured the US, and performed on American Bandstand. Then they were replaced by the talking hats.

Sid & Marty Krofft’s bug-rock series is now available on DVD. Collective Soul covered the theme song for Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits, which I actually own but haven’t listened to in ten years.

Collective Soul – “The Bugaloos” (WIN MEDIA)

(Via the shitload of Collective Soul MP3s at Does this band still have fans?!)

My favorite revelation from the article is that Hard Day’s Night extra Phil Collins tried out, but didn’t make the cut. Can you imagine if he did?

A world without “Abacab” is a world I don’t wanna know!

Actually, Phil looked like this pre-Genesis

Let’s watch “The Altered State Of Drugachusettes” for the 1,000th time.

Real Bugaboos’ opening credits here.