What’s On The Daily Show’s iPod?

iTunes recently asked TDS correspondents what they listen to when they’re not creating the most important television program EVER. Samantha Bee highlights some Canadian faves (she cried when she met Sloan), as does her husband Jason Jones, who also lists MGMT and Spoon because “a hipster” told him to. (Who told him to include Kris Kross? Kris Kross perhaps.) Rob Riggle almost exclusively enjoys classic rock, and Wyatt Cenac only hip-hop. John Oliver’s is insightful. Mountain Goats are one of his favorite bands, and he has some interesting thoughts on Arcade Fire:

“Sometimes we remember bedrooms/ And our parents’ bedrooms/ And the bedrooms of our friends.” That is a great line. If you can come up with something better than that and set it to music as good as this, you should stop everything you’re doing and form a band immediately.

Jon Stewart doesn’t participate, but I assume his playlist includes Tom Waits and White Stripes and maybe Buffalo Tom.

Check ‘em all out at iTunes.