New Decemberists – “O New England”

On their first of three Always The Bridesmaid singles, Colin & Co. take the Blue Line to “O New England.” It’s the B-side to previously dissected “Valerie Plame.” The relatively low-key, down-tempo track doesn’t have “Valerie Plame”‘s horn, group sing-a-long, or contemporary politics angle, but it does have plenty of words and a rainy love story. For example: “You say this was the furthest that we had come / We traveled so far to watch it fall undone” and “O New England / In the face of your empire / I think Id rather just wait in the car / And return to the turnpike / Watching New England’s skyline sinking below / Sinking below.”

As far as “O New England”‘s A-Side, the band’s scheduled to play “Valerie Plame” live on Conan O’Brien 11/3, the night before the 2008 election. I’m sure Colin will convince all those undecideds. Also to keep in mind: The Decemberists have been mixing their next album, Hazards Of Love.

Always The Bridesmaid: Volume I is now out digitally via Capitol and on 12″ vinyl via The Decemberists’ own Y.A.B.B./Jealous Butcher. Look for Volume II on 11/4 and Volume III on 12/2. Feel free to preorder.