I Got My MTV

“We’re doing for TV what FM did for radio,” Mark Goodman explained when MTV first went on the air 25 years ago. We gave you the heads up that VH1 Classic is airing MTV’s first 24 hours today. I hope you’re getting to watch some. It’s fascinating if you’re a music buff.

We all know the Buggles had the honor of being the first video played. And Cheyenne protegé Pat Benatar was the second. But I always wondered what the third was. (Yes, I’m a dork.) Well, now I can sleep at night. Watch.

I’ve seen a lot of music videos in my day (spent two summers logging tapes at MTV, and six years at VH1 … you know, before I was a mogul), but today’s 1981 nostalgia trip is introducing me to clips I’ve never seen before.

Of course, we’d have to wait a few years before MTV allowed black artists on the channel and we finally got the best video of all time.

My earliest music video memory was Starship’s “Sara.” And being too scared to watch “Thriller.” What’s yours?