Mike Skinner Tests Our Attention Span

Mike Skinner Tests Our Attention Span

For its 25th birthday, MTV has solicited the help of the Streets and director Alastair Siddons to create a 20-minute music video and dethrown the King of Pop’s 13-minute clip for “Thriller” as longest … video … ever. (As if anyone was clamoring for one.)

Via mtv.co.uk:

The video has five main stories, filmed by the young people who spent one week armed only with a video camera and their imaginations.

Dave Griffiths from Glasgow spent time following Strathclyde Police, imagining what they get up to, while Steve Camden from Birmingham went back to the street he lived on as a child to explore the local myth that this is the unluckiest street in Britain.

Lydia Wakefield from Derbyshire investigates whether she is the clumsiest girl in Britain, and with an endless list of broken bones, stolen cars, a kidnapping and freak accidents.

Londoner Bella Keegan filmed a part-spoof piece about cheerleading and George Stamenkovic, also from London, goes on the trail of Bigfoot, and finds that he?s actually quite friendly!

Mike Skinner and [director] Alistair Siddons used the stories filmed by the young people to inspire the words and music of the accompanying track, which looks at the relationship between the real and the imagined. Mike also stars in the video, commenting on the different threads and linking them together through the repeated chorus.

You can watch the world’s longest video now at mtv.co.uk/channel/overdrive. But only if you live in the UK or Ireland.

WTF? MTV Europe is only 19 years old today! No fair.

Can you kids across the pond tell us if the video/song is any good? And can you put it on YouTube? We’re pranging out here.

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