Mew In Review

Turns out Under Byen isn?t the only Band to Watch from Denmark. Meet Mew, the latest Nordic-export-cum-blogger-fave. Driving tom-tom crescendos and dramatic, soaring vocal-and-piano lines recall Sigur Rós, but it’s the prog-influenced drum-bass hookups and quick-turning passages that make Mew magic. And they rock hard live; we caught ‘em opening for Bloc Party both nights last week and were floored by their Danish power.

Here are two from Mew’s fourth (and most recent) release, And The Glass Handed Kites.

Mew – “Chinaberry Tree” (MP3 Link Expired)
Mew – “Why Are You Looking Grave?” (MP3 Link Expired)

All this awesomeness dripping from Denmark?? Must be ’cause it’s the happiest place on earth. And everybody knows that nothin’ says “good times” like melodramatic art-rock!

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