Beach House Play The Beach

A few days ago Jens Lekman played “Black Cab” in a black cab and now Beach House are playing on the beach. These are wild times. I look forward to Fuck Buttons continuing the trend. Anyhow, the Baltimore duo’s sandy performance took place at “Glamourama Beach” in Sydney, Australia this past August, but it’s just surfaced. The bulk of the footage is made up of Victoria and Alex (accompanied by the Celebration’s Dave Bergander on tambourine) doing “Used To Be” from the post-Devotion Carpark 7″ of the same name. Later in the clip they try tackling TLC’s “Waterfalls,” so stay focused on the prize.

(Via P4K)

That could certainly be described as Take Away-esque, but the footage was shot by two non-Vincent Moon Australians, Jonathan and Amelia (as the credits list them).

“Used To Be” 7″ is out via Carpark. The B-side is a 4-track demo of that old hit, “Apple Orchard.”