Me And You Having A BBQ

Salon has a announced a free-MP3 playlist contest. They’re looking for the best mix “to go along with that ritual of summer, grilling things over an open flame.” The rules:

  • All tracks must be both free and legal and must be posted on the artist’s Web site, on a label’s Web site or on a legitimate MP3 site like Better Propaganda, Insound or Epitonic — and you’re welcome to dip into the Audiofile archives to find some of your material, but we’ll be more excited about playlists that bring in new material.
  • Include the artist name, track title, album title and download link for every track.
  • Each playlist must have a title and a description (of about 100 words). As with last year’s contest, we’ll be judging the concept and description (almost!) as heavily as the playlist itself.
  • Each playlist should be between 10 and 15 tracks.
  • No streams! Only MP3 downloads.
  • You can’t include your own music, and be sparing with music by friends — include friends’ tracks only if you must!
  • Submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “BBQ Songs.”
  • The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. EDT, Monday, Aug. 21.

  • Audiofiler Thomas Bartlett kicks things off with his own BBQ playlist.

    I’d wanna include:
    Dr. Dog – “Today” (MP3)
    But that breaks the rules.

    Tell us your picks. (Salon’s prize for the best playlist is “glory,” so we’ll match that.)

    Incidentally, it’s too fucking hot to stand over a grill. Feel free to give us an ice cream mix instead (only rule is no Sarah McLachlin).