Stripper Pleads Not Guilty To Illegally Keeping Body Parts

Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – A stripper accused of illegally keeping body parts in her home pleaded not guilty yesterday to unlawful disposal of human remains, her lawyer said. Attorney Donald DiGioia also said that bail for his client had been cut in half, to $50,000, but that she remained in the Middlesex County jail.

Linda Kay, 31, of South Plainfield, N.J., was arrested Friday, two days after she missed a court appearance.

The charges against her stemmed from a call to police that her housemate was suicidal. The housemate was not home, but Kay was. Six human skulls and a severed hand in a jar of formaldehyde were found in her home, according to the police report. At the all-nude juice bar called Hott 22, Kay was said to have nurtured a Gothic persona with dark costumes, heavy eyeliner, piercings and tattoos.

Get this: she was in Lifetime!

I wonder if Mayhem is looking for a new bassist.