I always get anxious when Amrit, Brandon, and I are on a plane at the same time. I think that’s only happened once before. Fortunately, we now have Jessica holding down Stereogum’s Brooklyn HQ (and Gabe continuing to kill it over on Videogum) while the three of us discover bands (maybe your band!) and tacos (Amrit is in charge of tacos!) at SXSW tonight through Sunday. While I pack, please enjoy this short Chatroulette-inspired (the meme’s not over, no) reel featuring some of Stereogum’s favorite musicians and a few stray penises (you’ve been warned). I shot all the concert footage you’ll see in this video; I’m glad to have finally found a use for it. Against all odds, Stereogum has come a long way since SXSW ’06 (this dude knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout) and this year will be our best yet. Probably! Thanks to the brilliant editor/producer Sam Carroll for working with me on this for the past few weeks, in the process spending more hours on Chatroulette than is healthy. (Zero hours on Chatroulette is the ideal.)

See you in Austin.