Sleater-Kinney @ Webster Hall, NYC 8/2/06

Joni once told us, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” That might explain the new slew of Sleater-Kinney fanatics these days. Olympia’s finest were in perfect form for their big Big Apple goodbye. “New York City! Thanks a lot for coming to the show,” Ms. Tucker called out, for the last the time, before launching into “The Drama You’ve Been Craving.” On a barely adorned stage, at the city’s most-maligned rock venue, the trio performed a marathon set for what will be one awesome live DVD. Fans of S-K’s blistering Woods (a swan song that’s “fucking supersonic,” according to PFork) were in for the biggest surprise: the girls performed every song from that album, save for “Steep Air.” Appropriately enough “Jumpers” had the whole Hall pogo’ing along with Carrie. Brooklyn trio Rogers Sisters got the night off to a smart start, with their playfully calculated garage rock; unfortunately, if you’re seeing tonight’s rescheduled DC show — global warming (or, as Stephen Colbert calls it, “summer”) shut down the 9:30 club on Tuesday — you don’t get an opening act. And while it will be sweaty, no one towels off more sexily than Corin Tucker. I can’t wait to see ‘em again tomorrow.

Start Together
The Fox
The Drama You’ve Been Craving
Light Rail Coyote
Night Light
Hot Rock
What’s Mine Is Yours
Youth Decay
Modern Girl
Let’s Call It Love
Dig Me Out

Ballad of a Ladyman
Call The Doctor
Get Up
Words + Guitar

Turn It On
One More Hour

Didn’t bother bringing my camera as I didn’t want to elbow the moist crowd for front-row vantage, but Dave snapped some beautiful pics:

See his gallery here.

Sleater-Kinney – “Entertain” (MP3)