CMJ ’08: Tobacco Delivers, Looks Creepy @ Mercury Lounge

Last year, Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Tobacco issued a DVD titled Fucked Up Friends, suggesting what you should do (get fucked up) and who you should do it with while watching. This week Fucked Up Friends is out on record, without the visuals, although being at Merc in extreme darkness while the masked man did his thing to screen projections tying Dom DeLuise to porn to ’80s aerobics videos was as ass-shaking and spellbinding an hour I’ve had all week. A passing familiarity with BMSR’s head trip/psych-hop Pennsylvania jams sets the scene for Fucked Up, which also leans on analog instruments to create the woozy, hip hop-inflected, occasionally dark-edged Tobacco cuts. The lights needed to be low to let the projections look right (and to maintain that “mysterious vibe” the BMSR dudes love to cultivate), but as a friend noted, it’s a shame that the crowd couldn’t get a sense for just how much of the all analog and tape machines was being created live — despite the great recreation, this wasn’t simple iTunes DJing. I can’t bring you footage of the actual performance (I could barely see what they were doing up there), but here’s a clip from the DVD (featuring Richard Simmons duh) and an MP3 to bring you closer to a project you should be listening to, fucked up or no.

This is “Hawker Boat,” culled from the DVD:

Here’s the official vid for “Street Trash”:

Have this for the road:

Tobacco – “Truck Sweat” (MP3)

And hear some more at MySpace. The Fucked Up Friends DVD is out via Black Moth Super Rainbow imprint, and the LP is out via anticon.