Panic! At The Disco Cover Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins

I’d never listened to Panic! before. At the advice of Peter, we checked ‘em out. Characters straight out of Moulin Rouge danced circles around the emo-pop band. The kids ate it up. And there are only kids here at Lollapalooza. I haven’t seen anyone (other than band members) pushing forty. (So much scene.) Brendan Urie’s got chops too. Covers of “Karma Police” and “Tonight, Tonight” were unexpectedly tight. I’ll have some of their Radiohead audio for ya later. In the meantime … “Time To Dance” at

Other highlights: Eels covering Tom Waits’ “Jesus Gonna Be Here,” Editors’ “Bullets,” and Ryan Adams’ Dead-spin “He’s Gone” at the Playstation Stage. Plus we’ve been blessed with spectacular weather.

Some sad news, however: the screen on my brand new Macbook Pro is all dark. I can barely make out the desktop, so it’s “working,” but not usable. Yes it was fully charged and I’ve played with the brightness and whatnot. Do Macs secretly suck? I was so happy with it … until today.

Fortunately there’s a public HP I’m using right now. So, I’ll check in after Violent Femmes/Sleater-Kinney/MMJ/Ween. Met MTV/Rolling Stone’s future reality star interns who are following Lizzie around. Though that gawker stalk was swiftly trumped by a walkby from Jack White. And the PFork boys say hi.

Stream all the fun at