CMJ ’08: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson & Lykke Li Entertain The Fashionheads @ The V Mag Party

After stopping by the LES’s various day parties on Tuesday, I had a few hours to kill before our Late Night stand at Webster, which made stopping by the swanky Tribeca Grand Hotel for V Magazine’s get together a no brainer. For one, I had to know what a CMJ crowd at a swanky Tribeca hotel looked like (think: people in outfits that cost more than one month’s rent and lots of British accents), but also you couldn’t argue with the lineup anchored by a pair of Artists To Watch in MBAR and Lykke Li. Both gave the crowd something to look at aside from themselves for awhile, Miles hitting a good “Buriedfed” groove early with a backing band that hit the right notes, in turns ramshackling and reserved, letting MBAR’s mood in the moment center the set. Ms. Li was just full-on adorable for her brief but boisterous set, showing the dance moves you’ve seen in every video of hers, engaging the fashion forward folk with so much easy charm. As soon as it was over I was out, though — it was time to trade “Dance Dance Dance” for Gang Gang Dance. Few more pics (and MP3s, if you like what you see) below.



Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – “Buriedfed” (MP3)
Lykke Li – “Little Bit” (MP3)