Jane’s Addiction Reunite In LA

Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, Eric Avery, and Count Farrell performed together last night for the first time since … well, the first time since April when they were hailed as godlike by NME. Last night’s gig at downtown bar La Cita was longer, more intimate, and cost $5 to attend. Buzzbands.la has some nice photos. We have videos of “Ocean Size” and “Whores.”


“Ocean Size”

What’s next for the band in its original line-up? Eric Avery keeps things vague but hopeful on his blogspot:

we never know what the future has in store for us; especially with this band. but, at least right now janes addiction has a future that one would have to call somewhat promising.

we are a great band.

Here was last night’s setlist:

01 “Up The Beach”
02 “Trip Away”
03 “Whores”
04 “One Percent”
05 “Ain’t No Right”
06 “Pigs In Zen”
07 “Ted Just Admit It”
08 “Ocean Size”
09 “Hadadad”
10 “Been Caught Stealing”

[Pic by Buzzbands]