New Kanye West – “Robocop”

Earlier this month we learned that when Kanye’s not checking his RSS for fresh KAWS [email protected], he’s dusting off his Tears For Fears LPs. You can hear the fruits of his eighties nostalgia in high fidelity now that we’ve updated that “Coldest Winter” post with new audio. (“Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” are here and here, in case you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t Tivo Ellen.) Today we get our fourth leak from 808’s & Heartbreak. “Robocop” is also eighties referencing, but comparatively upbeat. In it, Yeezy shows the door to a girl who’s gotten scarily possessive; sample rhymes: “Who knew she was a drama queen/ That’ll turn my life to Stephen King’s” … “Just looking at your history/ You’re like the girl in Misery.” You’re never gonna believe this, but TR-808 beats and Auto-Tune feature heavily!

Herbie Hancock is rumored to be contributing keys to this song before it’s put on record. 808s & Heartbreak is out 11/25.

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