Mel Gibson: The Ringtone

Mel Gibson’s drunken rant has been turned into a ringtone by Oasys Mobile. It’s free to download here, but (1) it’s an impersonator, (2) it leaves out all that Jew stuff, (3) it’s a stupid idea.

Oasys spokeswoman Gina Torres tells MSNBC:

“We?re starting a series of Scandal Tones that are inspired by celebrities going through a scandal. … We?re looking towards doing something with Lindsay Lohan. We?re waiting until she gets hospitalized again and then we?re going to have the sound of an ambulance siren in the background and this husky-voiced Lohan sound-alike blaming it on dehydration.”


Best response to Mel-gate? Gary J. Malone, chief of psychiatry at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Ft. Worth: “You can’t pour vodka on a turnip and have it say anti-Semitic remarks.” (Via Newsweek.)

Best parody: Signs: Of Anti-Semitism. (Via Best Week Ever.)