CMJ ’08: Crystal Antlers @ FADER Fort

One way in which FADER wins at CMJ: They throw their parties at non-music venues in the music-venue heavy LES, ensuring mucho blog writeups plus SEO-maximizing post title mentions (if I could I would use a venue name up there). Another way FADER wins: free drinks, and usually a buzz band or three a day. (The place is a pit of regret come day last… but so goes too many SoCos.) The Fort was where I finally tied into the third Crystal band you Need To Know, Crystal Antlers, although that shouldn’t have been hard given the number of times they were booked around the city. But if you’re throwing them in the pot with Women, The Muslims, etc. for your Overbooked @ CMJ ’08 trend pieces, do it in terms of scheduling alone: as Brandon and I discussed earlier today, from Crystal Antlers’ self-released EP earlier this year to becoming Touch And Go’s most interesting recent signing, the Long Beach crew entered the fest as a band a lot of people had heard about, but not seen: Judging from talk on the streets and their quick blistering FADER set, they more than delivered.

In fact, if one band left CMJ buzzier, it’s likely these psychedelic punks. It’s difficult describing their anthemic blend of later day post-hardcore piloted by shimmering but crunchy guitar riffs, a ’60s boogie organ, the dynamic drums, and all that howling .. so just go to a show. If you do, you might see a band with shirts-optional, bongos being dry fucked, and nipples massaged to erection. I did. Forget your earplugs and your ears will join your eyes in overload. Obviously I’m into it, but in full disclosure you should know we’ve been cast together in an Almost Famous remake. It’s all happening. MP3 and more pics (family friendly!) this way…

Take this:

Crystal Antlers – “Arcturus” (MP3)

And hear more at MySpace.

[Photos by Amrit Singh]