Behind The Broken Social Scene

As promised, a few more shots and thoughts on what most of you agree was the single greatest set of this weekend’s Windy City festivalen. After snapping some shots for the first few songs, we went backstage and, if you were there wondering, rest assured; the band felt the magic too. “We gotta always do it like that,” Emily said while hugging Amy and kissing Jimmy after a serene “Anthems Of A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl.” She finished, “With everyone.” And that was the vibe the entire time backstage; hugging, kissing, smiling faces, and lots of “This is fucking unreal!” Chants for “One more song!” took minutes to become “We won’t leave!” — and neither did we.

We kept bumping into the entire Toronto indie family: the Stars kids (Amy and Torquil, who told us about his solo project), Jimmy and Emily, Brendan and Kevin, and of course Lady Feist. The gang was all there. We kept hearing mumblings of just how rare it was for Amy, Emily and Leslie to be on the same stage, and we’re still losing it that they managed to get the band back together (all sixteen of ‘em!).

We threw up some Feisty “7/4 (Shoreline)” on YouTube. It’s poorly synched for your pleasure (one day we will figure that shit out). Pre-show, Kevin told us he was cranky and hungry, but remembered Stereogum from our coverage of the band’s Red Hook show and promised to log on post-Lolla. So, everyone, say “hi” to Kevin. We’ll just say “thank you.” More shots from this instant-classic (and other random BSS run-ins from the weekend) below. To those who left early for Red Hot Chili Peppers … umm, hope ya had fun!