Smashing Pumpkins “G.L.O.W.” On Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel introduces the Pumpkins by noting “G.L.O.W.” is “the only song ever recorded exclusively for Guitar Hero World Tour.” At this point in their career, I’d imagine this is a fact they’d want to bury under the more impressive aspects of their 20-year bio, but so it goes with contractual obligations. As for the song itself, we heard the “G.L.O.W.” radio rip. Live, the backup vocals are more Breeders-esque than I would’ve imagined. The heroic guitars = about the same. Billy & Co. also did Zeitgeist’s wrestling anthem “Tarantula” (for which he wore a matching shirt).



It seems at least one YouTube commenter missed the “Tarantula” part of the performance: “OMG i didnt c this part i was watching halloween 4.” Well,
Vampiregrunge95, don’t let Michael Myers get in the way of the Pumpkins’ anniversary tour.