Passion Pit Trailed By MTV … But Will They Make Wikipedia?

Their first show was a year ago, and they’ve played around 30 shows since. Fast forward to CMJ where they express wonder at playing a whole two gigs in one day to a camera crew at MTV, and you see the quick rise that we figured after their Pianos residency a few months ago. MTV pegged the Cambridge outfit as CMJ’s buzz band — a meaningful nod in a year when the festival is in desperate need of buzz. I checked in at Pianos last week to gauge the reception, and the packed room confirmed the Passion appeal for a swath of the pop-seeking college radio crowd. This MTV piece highlights how easy it’s been despite their being green, although it’s not recommended for anyone who’s been in a struggling band for longer than 12 months. Or anyone averse to helium-pitched blog jams. Maybe now the sticklers at Wiki will let them have a page.

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