Kasabian Insults, Apologizes To Mick And Keef

On Friday night Kasabian’s Tom Meighan was interviewed on Channel 4 and went on a rant about the Rolling Stones, who his band’s supporting on the road.

TOM MEIGHAN: “It’s quite incredible. We’re fucking supporting them! So if we get kicked off the stage we’ve got to buy a ticket, which is about 200 quid. It’s probably Americans who are running it, not Jagger. And Richards isn’t going to know what’s fucking going on, is he?”

In a statement released today, the rocker backpeddles:

“We are sorry for the comments made concerning Rolling Stones ticket prices. We now realise Kasabian as a support band do not have to pay to see the Rolling Stones perform. We are incredibly honoured and excited to be supporting the Stones on some of their European dates – it’s like a dream come true for all of us.”

Look for Kasabian this summer at various festivals across the pond, and on Where Are They Now? in 2007.