New Killers – “Losing Touch” (Live In Las Vegas)

Good ol’ funny face and band unveiled another new song at a hometown show in Vegas’s House Of Blues last week. It came late in the set, I’m assuming, because Brandon’s not wearing his plumage pads. “Losing Touch” is not Bossy like Sam’s Town, but still it’s much closer to home than the Euro-kissed beats of “Human.” And I’ve enjoyed more than I expected to of Day & Age so far, but this one strikes me as a transparent stop on the Killers quest to write The Great American Rock song. Which it’s not. “Losing”‘s trying to forge some big hooks built for the open road out of horn charts and everyman melodies, but it winds up with a little anticlimactic and forgettable. Also, I think I’ve heard you write that subdued-with-a-synth bridge/melodic-reprise before, B.

Day & Age is out 11/25 via Island. So far we’ve heard “Human“, “Spaceman,” and “Neon Tiger”. Looking like this time out they’re into people, animals, and mosaics.

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