New Beck Video – “Gamma Ray Redux”

In July Beck put together a “Gamma Ray” video that resembled a surrealistic Gap advertisement. Then in early October one of our anonymous commenters noted:

This is not the actual video. Sorry to ruin things for you guys. The original stars Chloe Sevigny (Not yet released)

Anonymous commenters know their shit: Today Beck premieres the Jess Holzworth-directed “Gamma Ray Redux” video starring Ms. Sevigny. She plays a “post-apocalyptic go-go dancer set loose in a Dada-ist pastiche of psychedelic imagery and characters.” Yes. Unfortunately it isn’t a Hugo Ball-style Brown Bunny homage.

As you’ll be told before they let you watch the video, keep your eyes out for the fan-made Beckumentary. The winner, Natasha, does the announcing.

More interesting than the walk Beck took for “Modern Guilt.”

The Beckumentary debuts 11/18 on MySpace Music. Modern Guilt proper is out via XL/Interscope.