New Walkmen – “Many Rivers To Cross”

A few months back, we gave you a heads up about the Walkmen’s song-for-song take on Harry Nilsson?s John Lennon-produced Pussy Cats. The tribute was the last album produced at Marcata Studios before it shut down this spring.

Via AMG:

The relationship between Harry Nilsson and John Lennon is legendary. They were notorious booze hounds and carousers, getting kicked out of clubs for misbehavior and enerally terrorizing L.A. during Lennon’s “lost weekend” of 1974. They wanted to make an album together ? hell, anyone working at such a peak would ? and the result was Pussy Cats, a Nilsson album produced by Lennon. Almost immediately, Nilsson got sick, resulting in a ruptured vocal cord. Not wanting Lennon to stop the sessions, Nilsson never told his friend, stubbornly working his way through the sessions until he lost his voice entirely. These are the sessions that make up Pussy Cats, an utterly bewildering record that’s more baffling than entertaining.

But it is entertaining, and a Walkmen favorite according to Hamilton Leithauser:

“Since our studio is closing, it just seemed like a last fun thing to do. We did it sort of quickly, but it turned out great. I mean, we’re not going to make any money off of it. … It really is a band favorite. It’s our common ground. Everybody likes it a lot.”

“Mucho Mungo” was also Walkman Walter Martin’s wedding song.

Finally, we get a taste of Walkmen’s Pussy:

The Walkmen – “Many Rivers To Cross” (MP3)

Anyone know if the band’s playing the songs on their current tour?

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