Ben Folds Covers Merton, Chatroulette Piano Guy

For background: A couple weeks back a guy named Merton started posting videos of himself improvising piano tunes on Chatroulette. NY Mag’s Vulture guessed that Merton was actually Ben Folds. He’s not Ben Folds, but it was enough to get the attention of the real Folds, who paid tribute to Merton at a show Saturday night in North Carolina. This YouTube document of the night has all of the penises edited out, but Folds and the audience of 2,000 did sing to a guy on the can, and covered “Free Bird” for a middle-aged guy holding a lighter. The best tribute though, is the fact that Folds’ video can’t match the original. Also this seems pretty special, but honestly, musicians are on Chatroulette all the time. You just have to know when to catch them (between 4-6AM).

Tags: Ben Folds, Merton