Party With Bob Dylan(‘s New Album)

Yes Bob Dylan has a MySpace. He also has an awesome new album.

Want To Be the First To Hear “Modern Times”?

Columbia Records would like to invite you to a listening party for Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album “Modern Times”. At this event, you will be able to enjoy listening to selections from “Modern Times” while snacking on free food and beverages…

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected] Be sure to type “RSVP” and the name of the city in which you’d like to attend in the SUBJECT line.

Space is limited, so accommodations will be based on the order in which RSVP’s were received. Winners will be notified via email.

Listening parties will be held in the following locations:

* Philly — Sun, 8/20 — 7pm
* Chicago — Mon, 8/21 — 7pm
* San Francisco — Mon, 8/21 — 630pm
* Los Angeles — Mon, 8/21 — 7pm
* Austin — Mon, 8/21 — 7pm
* New York — Tue, 8/22 — 7pm
* Minneapolis — Tue, 8/22 — 7pm
* Boston — Wed, 8/23 — 7pm
* Seattle — Thurs, 8/24 — 7pm

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