New Elvis Costello – “Little Boxes” (Theme To Weeds)

Just doing some browsing of after smelling that wacky Weeds ad in Rolling Stone, and behold: they’re already streaming the season premiere’s opening tune. (A different artist will sing Malvina Reynolds’s “Little Boxes” in each episode.)

Check out Elvis Costello’s version here. (Can one of you turn into an MP3 for us?) The episode premieres Monday night.

Elvis Costello – “Little Boxes” (MP3 Expired)

In week two, Death Cab For Cutie tackle the ticky-tacky theme. Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis, and Tim from Polyphonic Spree will give it a go too. And the grass gets even greener when If All The Stars Were Pretty Babies’ Zooey Deschanel joins the cast.

In one episode Snoop Dogg cameos as a DEA agent!

Just kidding, he plays himself.