Attack Of The Eighties Cover Songs

Stereogum listens so you don’t have to.

  • For Love Songs (out 9/12), ex-NKOTB Jordan Knight puts has-been spin on Phil Collins (“One More Night”), Wham! (“Careless Whisper”), and Foreigner (“Waiting For a Girl Like You”). You can stream that last one at MySpace. Jordan’s bio explains:

    I think I leaned toward things like George Michael’s “Careless Whispers” [sic] and Foreigner’s “Waiting for a Girl Like You,” because they have simpler chords than the ones I usually use.

    Uh, OK. And just in case you forgot, Jordan himself was popular in the ’80s! The new collection features a duet with Debbie Gibson (no, we won’t call her Deborah), and they performed it last week at the Cutting Room.

  • Hot on Jordan’s heels is American Idol winner (or did he lose to Ruben? We can’t remember) Clay Aiken, who is defining the love song by covering ’80s hits from Richard Marx (“Right Here Waiting”), Paul Young (“Everytime You Go Away”), Mr. Mister (“Broken Wings”), and … again Foreigner (“I Want To Know What Love Is”). We don’t have any audio. Lucky you!

  • Leigh Nash (remember? from Sixpence None The Richer?) is also hoping MySpace will kick-start her solo career. She’s recorded an acoustic, stripped-down version of Stereogum’s mom’s favorite song “It’s Raining Men.” You can hear it here, and I love that in her blog post she calls the song an “atrocity.”

    Hi! SO you may notice that the first song you hear on my profile now is “It’s Raining Men”. this atrocity was penned by Paul Shaeffer I believe in the 80’s -when else? I recorded it for a television show that doesn’t seem to be too impressed with it: ) Oh well, thought you might enjoy it for a while.

    Her Blue On Blue is out 8/15. At least she’s not covering the La’s again.

  • Jessica Simpson never met a song she could write. After “borrowing” Madonna’s “Holiday” for her hit “Public Affair,” her next single could be Dead Or Alive. At this poll on her website Jess explains:

    So it’s time to start thinking about a second single. I picked the first one, so I was thinking y?all could help me choose the second one! There are new songs on my website. Have a listen and then let me know which one you like best!

    Check out “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” y’all: REAL | QT | WIN MEDIA. Her album’s out 8/29.

    Seriously, vote for “Like A Record.” Pete Burns could really use the extra cash to finally get his penis cut off. He really stuck with that whole androgyny thing, hasn’t he? At least Boy George’s singing a different tune today.