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Band To Watch: 120 Days

Actually, it’ll be less than 120 days for these young electro-rock noise-droners to conquer the States. Recently gobbled up by Vice (and the first Norwegian act signed directly to an American label), 120 Days are slated for their first shows in NYC September 17-24. Expect a big push. The writers (and A&R folks) at Øya were frantically searching for this year’s Serena-Maneesh (a tall order, if you’re hip to the awesomeness that is Serena), but — of the many (many) Norwegian acts I took in this weekend — these guys were among the few well-prepped for trans-Atlantic travels.

Big buzz on them in Oslo, too; I was repeatedly told not to miss their secret, fifteen-minute set at the Fabrikken club on Thursday night where they played their “weirder, drone-based stuff.” I loved those sounds (somewhere between Underworld and Kraftwerk), and was generally impressed by their Festival set the next day (where they introduced the Bono element). Lots more coverage and features from Øya soon. In the meantime, dig on 120 Days’ lead single.

120 Days – “Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)” (MP3)

The track develops deliberately, with waves of washy, lustrous synths, droning bass and well-timed returns to the hypnotic, seven-note grouping that serves as motif. And at nine minutes, you have plenty of time to decide if you like it.

120 Days out 10/10/07. (Even more time to decide if you like it.)



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