Crunk Muzik (For A Film)

The winner of our Rockabye Baby! giveaway chose the Radiohead album as her prize, and she promised us a review after nap time.

Until then, treat yourself to another not-necessarily-for-babies Radiohead tribute: DJ Gyngyvytus’ Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead. Yeeeah! Wwwhat?


Here’s the hilarious tracklist:
1. Fitter, Hyphier (Intro)
2. Skeet Spirit
3. No Sizzuruprises
4. the National Headbustaz Anthem
5. Flamboasting’ Android
6. Creepin’ (On Dat Ass)
7. Talk Show Hoes
8. Snaps Out

You think I’m making this shit up, don’t you?

DJ Gyngyvytus – “The National Headbustaz Anthem” (MP3)

Download ‘em all at

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