Don’t You (Forget About Me): The Movie

Couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up watching The Breakfast Club on cable for the 1,000th time. And since I couldn’t sleep, I was trying to think of a post I might get out of it. Who’s the Molly Ringwald of our generation?Isn’t it weird that Bender was originally gonna be John Cusack?Why did Billy Idol originally pass on what became Simple Minds’ biggest hit?

Anyway, couldn’t think of a good angle, but Stay The Course Productions helps me out with today’s news of a feature documentary “that follows a sociological and psychological tribute to director John Hughes? coming-of-age teen movies, including 1985’s The Breakfast Club.”


Out of all of Hughes?s films, The Breakfast Club continues to represent a timeless voice to a new generation of teenagers as well as the original teens who were touched by the message of the movie 20 years ago.

?People who went on their first date or discovered their first kiss, experienced it all when they first saw the movie when it originally came out in cinemas across North America. It was also one of the first movies to score a hit album soundtrack, and like Dirty Dancing and Grease, was also one of the first movies aimed at a teen audience that scored a No.1 best selling single in America.?

?When we were asked to participate in the documentary, at first I was surprised the Breakfast Club had became such a cult since it was originally released twenty years ago,? says Jim Kerr, lead vocalist with Simple Minds. ?The song has become our biggest hit in America, and when we heard the rest of the original cast from the movie agreed to be interviewed for the documentary, we felt it was only fitting to participate.?

The Breakfast Club was no ordinary ?popcorn? teen movie; it had many focal points that reached beyond traditional Hollywood scripts, actors and storyline. Music for example, was an integral part of John Hugh’s films. It was always understated but present enough to almost become a character in itself. Songs like the Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” symbolized the quintessential anthem of teen angst and rebellion. The ?Don?t You Forget About Me? documentary looks at the inter-relationship of character building and music, and asks if it is symbiotic to Hugh’s films, or was it simply down to the era and the songs themselves?

TiM G – “Don’t You Forget About Coldplay” (MP3)

Favorite use of song in a John Hughes movie … go!