Gnarls Barkley Share “Soul” MP3s, Vids

No track from The Odd Couple’s had quite the ride of “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul,” but then no track from that album is quite as affecting. It started when Cee-Lo and Danger were getting themseves in gear for the LP release, handing “Soul” off to ?uestlove to “leak” it to YouTube (along with Ahmir’s impassioned lip syncing and video description commentary), continuing through Chris Milk’s brilliant video showing Cee-Lo singing this one straight from the heart. Literally. Thanks to a dedicated EP release around the track, we can trace the trajectory a step further back; of Who’s Gonna Save My Soul’s six songs (four alternate versions, a new tune, a live Couple cut), one is the “Soul” demo. Grab it and play Danger for a day:

Gnarls Barkley – “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (Demo Version)” (MP3)

Killing the buzzing synth and trading that organ tone for the cavernous one was a good choice. The Who’s Gonna Save My Soul EP is out 11/11 via Atlantic. It’ll include that demo, the album version, an instrumental, and their performance of the song for MTV 52 Bands, alongside new cut “Mystery Man” and a live take on “Neighbors” from the 40 Watt Club.

If you head to right now, you can grab the 52 Bands version, as well as a download of the official vid. If you head there after November 11, you’ll find none of this.