Lykke Li Gets Covered By Friendly Fires, Plays Acoustic For MTV Iggy

It’s a match made in post-CMJ heaven. UK outfit Friendly Fires met the base criteria to have themselves a high profile last week by 1) playing many shows and 2) always packing them. Of course if you found yourself in one of those rooms with an American accent you were probably in the minority, but still it’s all about appearances and those were well managed. Meanwhile, BTW Lykke Li stamped the festival’s first night with a sexy, five-song set at the V Mag party at the Tribeca Grand, followed by a hailed headliner at Bowery hours later. Bring the two together and you have this don’t-you-forget-about-me MP3, featuring FF doing electro-oriented, danceflooring things to Ms. Li’s “I’m Good I’m Gone.”

Friendly Fires – “I’m Good I’m Gone” (MP3)
(via GvsB)

Bonus Lykke: Bra-pop staple “Little Bit,” performed acoustic for MTV Iggy…

If you need more “Bit” twists, Charles Hamilton sped up and spliced in “Starchasers,” so there’s that too.