Ted Leo – “The Mighty Sparrow” Video

We gave you The Brutalist Bricks’s brash opener “The Might Sparrow” a few weeks back, and now it’s got a fun video to go with it. The all-white room gives the band lots of opportunities to pull off little visual tricks, since you can’t immediately tell which direction is up. Also, there’s been a lot of talk around here about how Courtney Love is surprisingly well-preserved for her mid-forties (hat-tip to her plastic surgeon), but Leo looks pretty lively for a guy turning 40 this year. Must be the veganism/perpetual nice-guyness keeping him young — he’s only got smile wrinkles.

(Via P4K)

Ted Leo – “The Mighty Sparrow” (MP3)

The Brutalist Bricks is out now via Matador.

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