La Blogothèque Strong Arm Bloc Party Into A Take Away Show

This is actually a pretty impressive ambush orchestrated by the La Blog folk. The story, which they posted on their site, involves the camera crew tracking Bloc Party down at a bar after the band’s secret show in Paris, and proceeding to insist on an impromptu performance for the Take Away Shows. No pressure Kele, just a little one-off song for the twelve of us here in this alley and the rest of the internet in perpetuity as this inevitably gets posted by every blog that’s ever followed your music especially since you decided to play “Modern Love” which remains the jam. It’s understandable why the band would be hesitant — they like their delay pedals and tend to stay away from acoustic performances in Parisian alleys with strange French men. The resulting video captures the cajoling perfectly, with Chryde stepping into frame and trying out some of his charm on Okereke. It works. Chryde’s a charming one. The song is charming, too.

Still love that one.

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