Stereogum Interviews the morning benders, Wye Oak & Dominique Young Unique Plus Highlights Of Range Life

As you likely surmised after watching Ben Gibbard cover the Magnetic Fields, our show’s sponsor Samsung kindly hired a a video crew to memorialize the good times at Range Life. As a result I found myself with a mic in my hand having a chat with the morning benders’ Chris Chu. 1PM on day last of SXSW isn’t the ideal time to not look like a bleary eyed fool, let alone conduct a coherent interview, but Chris is smart and did the heavy lifting, talking about Austin and Big Echo and how it felt for us to sit really close to each other. I hope it makes sense! We talked a bit about our relationship with Alex Chilton, too, though that doesn’t make the cut here. Ask me about it next time I see you. (During their set, the benders would cover Big Star’s “I’m In Love With A Girl”; later that day, many artists would cover many Big Star songs.) In addition, we enlisted our friend Mallory Blair to Q&A her way through a few minutes with Wye Oak and Dominique Young Unique, who closed Range Life with an unexpected party-ending (though effectively, evening-party-starting) set that inspired many to ask me the same question: “She’s going to be huge but tell me … who is she?” That’s what this interview’s for. Dominique sets the record straight on her relationship with Yo Majesty, her age, and watching it gives you a sense for how her mind works. Once you get through that, then watch this. OK guys, that’s it — last post on our party. Until next year. You’re invited already.

Amrit Interviews the morning benders

Mallory Interviews Dominique Young Unique

Mallory Interviews Wye Oak

Highlights From Range Life