Sing With Feist, Yarn With Peaches

I’m not sure what the Santa Cruz Forever TCB Brick project is about, but I’m sad to see the Broken Social Scene Writes A Song About YOU auction has ended.

Broken Social Scene will write a song about you or someone you know, but they aren’t going to make it easy (on them). You will give them contact information for your friends (no more than 10) and family so Kev and crew can call and get the truth.

Went for $810.

If you’re a huge Canadian indie rock fan with that kind of cash to throw around, Feist Will Sing Your Song Onstage With You!

The highest bidder will win the opportunity to join Feist on stage at one of her shows in the next year. Feist and band will learn the winner’s song (written by them) or the winner’s choice of song (cover) prior to the show (this means that you will have to send her the song ahead of time). Additionally, you will (together) have a rehearsal at the venue prior to that night’s show. The winner (you) and Feist will then perform this song together on stage. You will have the choice of at least 60 North American and European tour dates over the next year as Feist will be touring non-stop across all of these lands. You are responsible for travel and accommodations.

High bid is currently $785.00. Auction ends in less than three hours.

Sadly the Peaches auction was pulled from eBay. Something about not being allowed to sell used thongs. But you can get this ball of yarn “instead.”