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Band To Watch: Malajube

Here are the latest Canadians to commandeer our iPods, and we just can’t get enough of their kick-ass album Trompe L’oeil around Stereogum HQ. Before you proceed, be warned: These tunes are in full-on French. So get your Babblefish on, or do like we do and engage in some super-charged incoherent sing-alongs. It’s fun! (But if it matters to ya, we hear their lyrics are “intelligent.”)

Malajube ? “Fille Á Plumes” (MP3 Link Expired)
Malajube ? “Étienne D’août” (MP3 Link Expired)

The first track’s melodramatic moments (and that Montreal mailbox) may elicit an Arcade Fire name check, but Malajube are so much more; the band stuffs more styles and ideas into one song than most serve up on a full length! So don?t let the spare, three-part structure of “File Á Plumes” fool ya. They can write taut, breezy bubblegum pop that would fit on Phoenix’s United (“Pâte Filo”), weave between dreamy soundscapes, indie-ska, and Brian May-styled solos (“Casse-Cou”), blend prog and punk to amazing effect (“Le Crabe”), and score the sort of string-laden soundtrack symphonies that fill arenas and tickle tear ducts (“Etienne D?août”).

Or, to hear the band tell it, they’re a “Progressive Emo Jam Band.”

Malajube has an upcoming tour through the provinces up north with Nick Diamonds and Islands, so those of us south of the border will just have be patient. (But we can’t wait!) Hear more on MySpace — and get this record.

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