Beirut On Blogs

In which Zach Condon is forced, again, to talk about the blogosphere.

Pitchfork: How did you become aware that people were listening to your CD?

Zach Condon: Almost entirely through Ben [Goldberg of BaDaBing Records]. He would just send me e-mails. And I remember thinking, “Wow a lot of MySpace blogs like my thing“. But Ben was like, “No, this is serious.”

Pitchfork: He said, “This is serious?”

ZC: Yeah. Like, this is a real thing and I don’t mean to sound like an asshole to the blogs, being like, “Wait, blogs are serious?” But at the time I didn’t know.

Pitchfork: I went to your first show at the Knitting Factory.

ZC: Oops.

Pitchfork: I noticed that there were a lot of people who were obviously there to take pictures of you and put it on their blog so that everyone else could know that they saw you play.

ZC: We played a show in Santa Fe [the night before], and all these people came to see our show and the audience went wild. At that point I wasn’t just that dude Zach that dropped out of high school. [The Knitting Factory] was our next show in New York, where suddenly the audience is stony and cold and snapping photos of us. Most of the people in the audience were there to make their final judgment call on the band, which was a really scary thing.

Bullshit Zach. Blogs aren’t serious! Blogs are your friends! Plus, it could be worse: you could be K-Fed.

Full interview here.

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