Marnie Stern Covers “Don’t Stop Believin'”

It’s fitting that Perpetua came upon this, since it was his great interview with Marnie that framed its significance: until now, the ruler of the CMJ ’08, Ms. Marnie Stern, has never learned someone else’s song. And she’s broken that bit by covering Journey, which is precisely what you do when you’re just letting loose at karaoke or just a virtuosic woman looking to blow minds via some cover love. Here “Don’t Stop Believin'” gets fully rinsed and reconstructed through Marnie’s taps, shreds, and hiccuping punk, making it the best thing to happen to Journey since YouTube.

Marnie Stern – “Don’t Stop Believin'” (MP3)
(via MarnieSpace)

Now that you have the MP3, obviously the next step is to score The Sopranos finale with Marnie.