Top Ten Female Bloggers

According to NY Daily News these ladies are letting loose and finding fans with their online journals:

  • Jen Chung
  • Eurotrash
  • Meg Hourihan
  • Blaise Kearsley
  • Amy Langfield
  • Maccers
  • Megan McArdle
  • Maud Newton
  • Lindsay Robertson
  • Elizabeth Spiers

    Read Rick Bruner’s article while Uncle Grambo, Choire, and I get ready for our close-ups.

    Props to Lindsay Lindsayism for putting her face out there. Gothamist reports that the print edition has even more photos of the top bloggers.

    Blogging about bloggers is the new journalism. From Bruner, here’s a scoop about Liz Spiers’s hair that Whatevs somehow missed!

    UPDATE: Daily News photo from Bazima.